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A Prayer of Liberation from the Weight of Guilt

( after the sin of abortion )

/ …You can pray the Prayer in Church, most ideally before the Blessed Sacrament, under a Crucifix, or near a tomb set out in honor of Lent. If you would like to pray it at home, choose a proper time (so that no one will disturb you) and recite it in a solemn manner. Set out a crucifix or image of Christ. Light a candle. Prepare yourself for a meeting with the Lord, who comes with His healing power- in the reading of the Sacred Scriptures, in the praying of the Rosary, in the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and in the praying of other prayers …/

O God, Most Blessed Trinity,

Creator and Giver of Life,

I thank You for your all-encompassing Love.

I thank You Father,

for giving us Your Only-Begotten Son in order to save the world.

I thank You Jesus for accepting the plan of the Father

and for fulfilling the role of Savior.

I thank You Holy Spirit for the Mystery of the Incarnation,

that You formed the flesh of the Son of God in the womb of the Virgin Mary.

Thank you Mary, that you gave your consent

to become the Mother of God.

I beg you, stand now next to me

And lead me through the painful experiences of my life.

You, who stood under the Cross

And watched as your Son was dying,

crushed with pain, loving and faithful-

you were with Him until the end.

I beg you, be with me,

because I am a mother wounded by sin,

a mother who betrayed her own child,

who sentenced it to death.

When I think about what happened, my heart is full of pain.

Sorrowful Mother, stand behind me,

that I may courageously look at my wounds.

Take me by the hand and lead me to your Son.


I stand before You with my sin.

Give me grace, that I may see my cross

with Your eyes.

I turn to You as to a best friend,

who understands me the most.

I stand before you helpless,

Crushed by the weight of my recurring guilt,

And I desire once more to give to You my sin.

/… Close your eyes. Allow God to look deep into your heart and take away the painful experience of your past. Trust in Him, allow yourself to be led. Ask Jesus now to open your imagination to the surroundings in which you came to your decision of killing the child. Recall the faces of those who hurt you, pushed you away, left you alone, blackmailed, laughed at, or humiliated you. Maybe it was your husband, mother, mother-in-law, older children, neighbor, doctor… Recall to yourself the words that fell painfully and hurt you. Tell them truthfully how you feel (anger, sorrow, hate, bitterness). Do not be afraid to mention the names of each person related to your feelings. Extract them to the outside and give them to God. If thinking of certain individuals brings pain to your heart say: …/


I forgive that person,

because You have forgiven me so much.

Give me the grace,

to have compassion on that person.

Help me to gaze upon them

with Your eyes

and love them with Your heart.

Grant Lord,

that I may forgive them,

both in my emotions

that I give to You now,

as well as in everything that breeds in me anger

when I touch the past.

Feelings of resentment, bitterness,

helplessness, sadness, hopelessness,

regret at the indifference of those closest to me.

I place these feelings in your Wounds, Jesus,

because in Your wounds is our healing.

/… Maybe you came to your decision alone, in secret before those close to you, in fear of their reactions, the loss of your job, the halting of your career, loss of face because your child was conceived in an adulterous relationship or with a chance partner. Say: …/

Lord, forgive my sin of egoism,



The withholding of the truth from those closest to me,

Who could have effected my decision,

And save me from sin.

Take from me my shame, my feelings of guilt, which crushes

And constantly causes me to justify myself or fault others.

Your Cross is full of love and mercy.

Pour into my heart trust and turn my guilt into blessedness.

/… Maybe you are a woman who suffers from emotional emptiness.
The sin you permitted hurts so much that it may have caused in you a “death of emotion.” Pray: …/

take from me the yoke of slavery,

touch my heart marked with the characteristics of death,

give me the grace of contrition that I may weep for my sin

and clean it with my tears.


take my heart of stone and give me a heart of flesh,

sensitive, compassionate, loving—the heart of a mother.

May the flame of Your heart burn anew,

that I may begin to feel again,

that I may laugh and cry,

taste your peace and be moved.

Jesus, meek and humble of heart,

Make my heart like unto Yours.

Leahd me now, Lord, through the most difficult moment,

during which I made the decision

to kill my child.

I stand before you in truth,

not justifying myself

or blaming others—

I recognize my fault.


You Who completely penetrates hearts,

only You know

in what state of soul I came to my decision

and to what degree I was conscious of the act.

I regret the decision

and I am sorry, God,

that I threw away Your most beautiful gift of life,

disloyal to Your will,

destroying Your wonderful plan,

which You had for my child and our family,

wounding your heart full of mercy

and nailing You to the Cross through my sin.

Adoring Your Cross,

I place before You a kiss of love—

grant that it may become a bridge between You and I,

between my child and I.

Your Cross unites heaven and earth

and people to each other.

Help me now Jesus to unite myself to my child.


May the angel of my child bring it

and place it in my arms,

that I may acknowledge it,

hold it against my heart and say—

“I love you my child.”

I desire to hear from you the words “mama.”

I love you,

I don’t know if you are a boy, or a girl.

Today I give you a name in the Name of Jesus,

expressing in this moment

with all my heart, the “baptism of desire.”

/… You can ask Jesus to know the gender of your baby, but this isn’t completely necessary in order to give a name to the child. Choose both a masculine and feminine name and say: if you are a girl—I give you the name (for example) of Anna. If you are a boy, I give you the name (for example) John. If there were multiple abortions in your life, do the same for each child. If this is too difficult for you, ask Mary to do this in your stead …/

My child!

I am sorry

that I did not allow you to come into the world,

that you did not experience my love,

that you did not suckle from my breast,

that you did not know my cuddles,

that you did not receive the Sacrament of Baptism,

that you did not, with joy, receive your First Holy Communion and Confirmation,

that you did not meet your siblings.

I regret,

that I cannot turn back time,

and hold you in my arms,

and hear from you the words “mama,”

watch as you take your first steps,

experience with you your childhood and adolescence,

as you step into adulthood and maturity,

to rejoice with you in your successes,

to help you solve your problems,

and help you find in your life the trace of God.


Forgive your mother and your father.

I love you,

although I only see you in my imagination,

my heart tells me that you live.

Though not born on earth,

you live for heaven.

That is why now I entrust you to your family in heaven,

placing you in the arms of the Holy Mother and Saint Joseph.

I give you to them, but I don’t say goodbye,

because from now on I will call you by name,

and invite you into my life,

and unite with you spiritually,

as I pray to and adore God during the Holy Mass.

Be our intercessor

and beg of God the needed graces for our family,

that we may live well,

and in time of trial be faithful to Christ and His Gospel.

And when the time of my pilgrimage comes to an end,

help me to cross the edge into eternity,

when my longing will be satisfied forever.

I can now forgive myself

and I forgive myself in Your Name, Jesus.

I know that you took my sin on the Cross,

that You suffered and died for me.

Looking at me from the height of the Cross,

You desired that I suffer within the spring of Your Mercy

and begin to live a new life,

leaving the valley of death to the Resurrection.

Please, bless me

and remove from my body the effects of sin.

Take from me destructive stress,

fear of punishment, the phantom of threatening physical and psychological illness.

Cleanse me, wash me

and immerse me in Your Mercy.

May Your healing light penetrate me

and free me from all spiritual anguish,

filling me with peace, joy, the knowledge of self-giving and

donating love.

Heal my wounded sexuality and restore it to its virginal purity.

Grant, that I may accept with gratitude my vocation,

and learn how to thank You for creating me a woman.

I ask You now, Lord,

to come with the help of my whole family

and free me from the consequences of the sin against life.

Touch with Your Power our children and their offspring,

heal them,

distance them from the spirit of death, fear, depression, distrust of self, failure

because they are Your children, Lord,

who as a consequence of my sin became a sacrifice.

Create in them anew Your Image and likeness.

Send Your Holy Spirit.

Give them the knowledge of Your unconditional love.

Return to them joy, trust, and a sense of safety.

that they may live in the freedom of the children of God

and the realization of Your call.

Mother of God,

thank you that you lead me through the knowledge of the Cross,

and that you were with me through the sorrowful mysteries of my life.

Thank you, God, for the gift of your mercy

which is above even Your justice

and which I will praise for all ages.


Author: Wiesława Grzeszczak-Kowalska

Imprimatur: 938/12.10.2008

Vicar General Fr. Jan Watroba, PhD

Częstochowa, Poland